Understanding Hormone Changes

From a customer:

I was looking at your web site and was trying to determine what would be the best combination.
I realize since you are not a physician it is difficult for you to make suggestions.
So are there any combinations that work best.
I have been on herbals prior to along with about 1 year of hrt.
I do appreciate any input you can give me.

The first thing to understand is that these are formulations of bio-molecular components;
these are not just crushed herbs in a capsule.

We have a range of products which honors that each person is starting from a different position;
i.e., some people have a high level of testosterone and very resilient testosterone production,
while other people have a very low level of testosterone and weak testosterone production.

Reducing testosterone is Step One for feminizing.
This is why the herbal solutions which have been touted, and talked about elsewhere,
are all virtually useless.
Even lethal dosages of drug hormones cannot feminize,
until testosterone levels are reduced significantly.

The "Best" combination of our products is the one
which brings the quickest results to each individual person.

I would love to just sell everything to everyone all the time,
but I do understand that money is always an issue,
and not everyone needs everything we offer.

Given all that, a good starting regimen stresses Evanesce Classic, or Evanesce-ES, and Feminol.

If changes do not begin fairly quickly
-- within the first month
-- then adding AndroEase and CalmCompanion; the anti-testosterone pair, can help.

Bottom line is that feminizing is women's medicine.

Men's medicine relies on the theory that "x" amount of ingredients,
taken for "y" amount of time will produce "z" results,
regardless of the individual.
The drug industry relies on this model, for everything it sells.

Women's medicine recognizes that every human body is different and has different needs,
that each person will need to do some experimenting
to find out what their own body -- their own unique personal genetics -- wants, in order to function properly.

All that said, a good one month startup package would be:
two bottles Evanesce Classic or Evanesce-ES,
two bottles Feminol
and one anti-testosterone combo special.

This will help to overcome most people's hormone -- endocrine -- inertia,
and start changing the individual's hormone balance toward female,
so that feminization can begin.

Your personal needs, how quickly you want to transform your body,
and your budget will of course necessitate modifications to this suggestion.

A minimum beneficial order would be Evanesce Classic or Evanese-ES, and Feminol.

Twenty years of feedback from thousands of satisfied customers all around the world,
indicates that a good starting dosage is six Evanesce and four Feminol daily.

The real key is to take these formulations on a consistent every day basis,
whether the individual is feeling "girly" that day or not.

If a person starts slowly, or skips days,
there is a strong potential that testosterone will never be overcome,
and feminizing changes will therefore never really begin.

This is true for people using drug-based hormones, as well.
This is one of the dirty, un-spoken secrets of the feminizing community, worldwide.

I hope this all helps!

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