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Up Topic Discussion / Evanesce, and Feminol / Nipple Fun Wear
- - By jcie Date 2005-09-28 03:53
Have any of you had experience with the Sup Nips from  I just purchased a pair & am having some difficulty getting them on right.  Have any of you had success with this product?  Love to hear your thoughts...J'Cie
Parent - By Dakota Lynn Date 2005-09-28 15:01
Sweetie they look a little bit like a snake bit kit. So I would say that if you lick the part that makes contact with your skin you will find it makes a better seal and will stay on better.

Parent - By Alice Date 2005-09-28 20:31
You have to get the air out a little at a time until they hold on, lick'em to help form a seal, remove any hair that might cause the seal to leak, don't wear for more than 15min at a time until you can work up to longer periods, don't just pull off squeese until seal broken then pull off. i have about 8 pair of these and love the glow in the dark the best!!!
I have had these for years and just love them, they worked for me to help enlarge the nipple, and they are fun to have on when cleaning the house.. nastynasty!!  i usually have to adjust them to fit a few times then they hold on till taken off.
Up Topic Discussion / Evanesce, and Feminol / Nipple Fun Wear

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