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- By Katie Date 2006-02-25 06:40
This was sent to me by a friend of mine that I met in my support group,
I thought it was beautiful and just wanted to share it.

February 24, 2006
Fragile and Rooted
Carolyn S. Owen-Towle

See a blossom in your mind's eye.
Allow it to fill the interior of your

Greater perfection of form in
nature cannot be imagined.
With inward gaze absorb each
wondrous fluted petal.

Slide down its humid surface
until you drop as the dew into
its velvety core.

Immerse your senses in this safe

Such fragile beauty gives impulse
to weep.

Slowly reverse the journey;
as you ascend the shaft toward
wider light, turn your
imagination around and around
to see its many facets.
Stored within is the memory of
all flowers.

Marvel that this creation, while
utterly fragile-yet undaunted,
boldly bursts forth turning
resolutely toward the sun.

We, too, shimmer with
expectation, exuding our own
illumination, color, pulse, and

Vulnerable, still we venture our
lives courageously toward hope
and light, at once fragile and
Up Topic Discussion / Miscellaneous Discussion / A Refreshing Read

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