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Up Topic Discussion / Transition Issues / Nipple Enlargement
- - By jcie Date 2007-01-11 01:11
Just a observation happening with me.  I've always wanted to have larger nipples and that was something that the herbs wouldn't help much.  I have been using SupNips from nipple fun wear and they are really making a difference in the size and shape of my nipples.  The E is going to help my breasts I know, a whole bunch of positive thinking.  And the supnips are helping to reshape my nipples.  They have always been so small.....  I been using them about three hours a day for most of a month now and they are having a positive effect.  Although they do recede a bit after removing them the overall size has increased.  Dreams can come true.......That has always been a benchmark for my transition and it does wonders for my self esteem :)
Parent - - By Dianna Date 2007-01-11 04:17

> I've always wanted to have larger nipples

Aerola -- the darker colored, round area of the breast
Nipple -- the small part that sticks out of the middle of the aerola.

Elevated estrogen and time will increase the diameter of the aerola.
This is a permanent change.

In general, the nipple itself will not grow very much in M2F TG/TSs.

I have a concern about using breast pumps in general,
because the blood vessels in the breasts are small and fragile
and can be easily ruptured.
Parent - - By martin Date 2007-07-15 22:41
Hi Dianna,

I look every day to see if there has been any increase in the size of my Aerola.  Sometimes I see small white lumps around the periphery and I certainly feel tenderness.  Over the last few days I have experienced a definite tightness in the skin over my chest.  I am on my 5th bottle of Evanesce and some time ago finished one bottle of Feminol.  Maximum dosage was 6E and 2F.  Currently I am taking 4Es a day (was taking 2 but the release I have experienced through this message board has set my heart racing!).  Is that enough to see some increase soon?  I realise everyone is different but an indication would be appreciated.


Parent - By Dakota Lynn Date 2007-07-16 00:34
Well hell Sweetie you are already seeing some action from the E. You said your are feeling some tenderness. Dang girl that is what we call progress.

Parent - By Dianna Date 2007-07-16 01:36

> I look every day to see if there has been any increase in the size of my Aerola.

The increase in the diameter of the aerola is a change which is VERY slow -- not something you will see from day to day.

You should see then get more puffy, when they are warm; 
they will shrivel back up when they are chilled in any way.
This change can happen much more quickly than the increase in diameter.

Be aware that the increase in diameter is a permanent change -- they will never go back to a smaller diameter.
Parent - By CeeDee Dresser Date 2007-02-28 18:07
My nipples were very small, but after morre than a year of taking E&F the aurua of my nipple has grown quite a bit, (as big around as a half dollar)but the nipple is still small but oh so very sensitive! I love rubbing myself and am always horny I am wondering if other TG are have the same results.
Up Topic Discussion / Transition Issues / Nipple Enlargement

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