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- - By Albe Date 2010-03-03 15:15
FYI - I picked this up on an androgynes chat site this morning. They say the mag is not about transsexualism, but I found it interesting enough that I thought I'd share it with you.




FemBoy Magazine

Status and Mood:

We'd like to know what you think:
Should we change our name from "FemBoy Magazine" to "Androgyne"?
Let us know!



Just a quick note to let you know about our splashy new gay fashion, beauty, art and lifestyle publication, FemBoy Magazine.
Modeled after the great women's/girls' publications such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Seventeen, as well as the Victoria's Secret catalog, FemBoy Magazine is a cutting-edge look at the world's most beautiful, feminine yet boyish young gay males wearing the hottest mix of juniors/women's and androgynous clothes and shoes from such fashion houses as Bebe, Guess, Wet Seal, Go Jane, Charlotte Russe, American Apparel, Flirt and Victoria's Secret. FemBoy Magazine believes that gay males are a much more diverse group than the stereotypical one-dimensional gym bodies that are portrayed in modern culture. In fact, we believe that feminine/androgynous gay males are the most
valuable, beautiful and underappreciated segment of the gay population. That is why FemBoy Magazine wants to celebrate that beauty, elegance and dualism in a classy fashion publication.

You'll see the world's most beautiful young men in the hottest new fashions and learn how you can incorporate these looks into  your wardrobe to become the femboy you've always wanted to be.

From skinny jeans to sky-high heels and hair, skin and nail care, you'll find it all. But FemBoy Magazine is not about drag or transsexualism -- and it is DEFINITELY NOT porn or about nudity -- it is a new fashion and lifestyle magazine that celebrates the beauty of young, feminine yet boyish gay males who have the confidence to walk the line between femininity and boyishness. If you're interested in modeling or working behind the scenes for FemBoy Magazine, contact us here or via email at: -- and look for our website coming soon!

If you become a FemBoy model you'll find the experience fun, relaxed and fabulous -- and you'll make money while you do it.
Have you always longed to BE a supermodel? Now you can be. Have you always wanted to BE beautiful? Now you can be. Have you
always wanted to wear the hottest, trendiest clothes and heels and incorporate them into YOUR lifestyle? Now you can! Fashion.
Beauty. Femininity. Boyishness. FemBoy Magazine -- Why should girls have all the fun??
Parent - By Eudeita Date 2010-03-03 19:18
Clothes wise I would consider myself an androgyne (boy-girl), although I like the term Tomboy (like the character Shane on "The L Word").  I'm not into young gay fems per se, but love checking out innovatiive styles and perhaps how a BabyBoomer TG can incorporate them into their age appropriate attire.  Most sites that I've found about older TG's are of the Finishing School types,...focused more on 50's and 60's elegance.  Late (in life) TG's are predominantly heterosexual, and not so flam(boyant) as androphilic TG's,...but I like a touch of flam, as an assessory.

For me, a nice pair of jeans with gynecentric sandals and blouse/top is great day wear,... I also like my toes painted (in a sexy pink) but, as many lesbians, don't paint my fingers, just manicured. 

Thanks for the link.

Parent - By Tracy-O Date 2010-03-04 02:43
I don't know why they are thinking about changing there name to "Androgyne".  It seems to me that what this webazine is about is not really true androgony.  Perhaps they are confused or mis-informed about what androgony really is.  It seems like a lot of people are.
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