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Up Topic Discussion / Miscellaneous Discussion / permanent chemical castration?
- - By jamie Date 2002-11-15 10:12
i have been unable to find any articles
or sites on permanent chemical castration,
although it seems that certain criminals
are sentenced to it in places. 
my question there anything that will
cause permanent chemical castration?  does
the use of elevated estrogens accomplish this
along with androgen blockers after a certain
period of time, or will stopping androgen
blockers just allow things to revert back
to the "darkside"? 
i fully understand med's like androcur
are pretty extreme, but even they say it
reverses if stopped.
luv u's
Parent - - By Dianna Date 2002-11-15 15:57

> my question there anything that will cause permanent chemical castration?

For the purposes of education:
"permanent chemical castration" only means that the functioning of the testicles will stop;  there is no actual castration from chemicals.

That said, anything which stops the production of testosterone for a period of time, will leave the testes unable to once again start production.

This period of time is variable, like everything else;
This period of time is dependent on the strength and resilience of the individual's testes -- the individual personal genetics. etc. 
For some people, this will happen quite quickly, for others it will take some time.

If a person stops a chemical castration program too soon, then yes, the testes could once again begin production of testosterone, albiet at a lower level.

One other thought on this:
chemical castration is in one sense like a born-woman having a hysterectomy --
The human body requires hormones from SOME source to simply function properly.
If a person removes, disables, or cripples any primary hormone source, it will become necessary for that person to use supplemental hormones for the duration of their life, for proper physical functioning.
Parent - By jamie Date 2002-11-15 22:06
sometimes i feel like such a dope asking
certain questions.
Parent - By happousai Date 2002-11-15 20:40
There's also an experimental drug called Gonex being developed. A single shot of it will cause permanent castration by destroying cells that produce gonadotropin hormones. It would cost less than $100. It's designed for use on animals.

More info:
Up Topic Discussion / Miscellaneous Discussion / permanent chemical castration?

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