Hormone Primer --
How Hormones Work to Feminize the Body

Hormones in general are the triggers -- the catalysts -- which cause the cells the body to function.

Estrogen molecules - hormones - are carried throughout the body by the blood stream,
looking for cells with estrogen receptors
-- essentially door locks on each cell --
as well as for cellular receptors which are "master keyed",
i.e., receptors -- cellular locks -- which are designed to accept any hormone molecule.
An estrogen molecules can then attach to a cellular receptor, like a key going into a lock.

Once the "key" - the estrogen molecule - is attached into the cell's "lock",
the cell is "opened" so that it can perform whatever function that particular cell is supposed to perform.
When that cell has completed its function/cycle, the "key" is ejected,
and that particular used up estrogen molecule is washed out of the body
via the blood, liver and kidney systems.

For feminization - for breast cells to grow and to multiply, etc.,
- what is important is how many estrogen molecules are available at any given time,
and how many estrogen receptors are available at any given time for those molecules.
Cells in the breast area are specifically keyed to accept only estrogen molecules.
Most male bodied people do not have enough estrogen
to cause the breast cells to ever function, so their breasts do not grow.

This is why starting on female hormones at a low intake level/dosage, rarely accomplishes anything.
Low dosage regimens will just not create enough estrogen,
and will leave far too much testosterone.
The body simply cannot change in any significant way on a low initial dosage of any female hormone regimen/program.

In order to feminize, it is critical to first substantially reduce testosterone production,
in order to force the cells to prefer estrogen.
And then, it is important to replace that amount of testosterone with estrogen,
so that the body is not starved for overall hormone levels.

The quickest changes come when testosterone levels are significantly reduced
- which is accomplished by the use by testosterone blockers
- and when large supplemental amounts of estrogen are present,
forcing the body's cells to change - to allow their intake "key" to accept estrogen.

The more estrogen molecules, and the more estrogen receptors which become available after testosterone is no longer overwhelmingly present,
the quicker changes will happen.

With drug hormones, the body is forced to carry huge amounts of estrogen molecules which may likely never find estrogen receptors...
and the good unused estrogen molecules must then be flushed out of the body.
This is in addition to the liver having to extract the estrogen from the drug/pills in the first place.

Forcing the liver to double-process huge amounts of estrogen over an extended period of time,
can damage the liver irreparably, and the kidneys.
This is why usage of drug hormones is supposed to be monitored by a doctor
- and why drugs are prescription items
- to prevent an individual from overdosing and damaging vital organs.

The human body will normally try to create all the various hormones it can use,
all that it needs, all of the time from the foods we eat.
This is how our bodies are supposed to function, in general.

Herbs - berries and leaves - are food items.

From certain types of herbs, called phyto-estrogens, estrogens will be created to the extent that the individual body can utilize them.
Phyto-estrogens are not to be confused with psuedo-estrogens
(now more commonly called Xeno-Estrogens), which are estrogen-like mimics
that invade our bodies from various chemicals in our environment.

With herbal source estrogens, the body will only create whatever levels of estrogen it can use
at any given time, so that it is not possible to overdose in a harmful way.

But an individual has to ingest enough herbs to create enough estrogen to make a difference,
on a consistent every-day basis.

Traditional store-bought phyto-estrogenic herbs are not powerful
-- not potent -- enough to do the job of feminizing,
unless taken every day in massive quantities.
And there is a long and often repeated history of people using store-bought estrogenic herbs,
without attaining any significant results.
This is because those individuals did not also take anything to suppress testosterone.

It is also important to understand that there are no standards for measuring or comparing herbal things between brands.

Based on the use of Standardized herbal extracts, especially,
one company's 25mg herbal product will therefore actually have FAR more of the active ingredients
- the "good stuff" - than another company's 500mg herbal product.
It is simply not possible to compare herbal things from brand to brand in any meaningful way.

Why do these Herbal-Source Hormones work?

Improvements in herbal processing technology have enabled formulators to extract the active ingredients from various herbs
- the "good stuff" - so that the benefits of the various herbs can be
obtained without having to consume massive quantities of each herb.

German research twenty years ago, showed that
the active ingredients of various phyto-estrogenic herbs,
when mixed in proper ratios, became synergystic;
i.e., the total mixture worked better than any of the herbs could have worked on their own.

Evanesce and Feminol are formulations based upon all of this research.

The Standardized extracts of the best available herbs,
mixed in appropriate ratios,
brings results which are far superior to anything available from store herbs.

These unique formulations are a clear step above traditional herbal usage.
These very unique formulations cannot be duplicated using store herbs
- their herbal ratios are based on using Standardized extracts of the various herbs.

AndroEase, along with CalmCompanion, has the strongest testosterone blockers
that a person can legally get without a prescription,
and in addition to those,
Evanesce and Evanesce _ES also have significant testosterone blocers PLUS estrogen resources.

Feminol has some additional testosterone blocker, and a lot more of the estrogen resources.

Evanesce and Feminol are designed to be synergystic with each other,
and they work best when taken together.

In addition, many wives and other born-women, have found Evanesce to be extremely beneficial to managing their PMS and/or menopause symptoms

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